Map reading, orientation in a given landscape, estimating the geographic proportions, and understanding spatial and time references may belong to the elemental cultural capabilities. Factually however, the conveyors of geographic contents continually clash with the limits of what can be conveyed, be it demands with the framework of museums and exhibitions, touristic services, advertising or teaching. 

Scaled reproductions of landscapes have always been an aid in arranging localities on plastic reliefs. The effort of manual creation at prohibitively high costs allowed only a few to enjoy such media. Today, with the available technical aids and the corresponding data base, miniaturised landscapes can be manufactured at substantially lower cost, and more importantly, extremely precise. Furthermore, through the possibilities of the computer, multimedia software and powerful video beamers, specific geographic information can be brought in direct relation to a lands surface. Here, flexibility, depth of information and fantasy full conversion are what counts. Through our user friendly operating and guiding elements, even heavy themes can be prepared and set in their spatial context.