View, and understand what's intended. What you see is what you get with this extremely simple, stylish, and yet solid installation, which at the same time is also an eye-catcher. 

What is VIEW intended for?
Well, the wish to explain Objects, Landscapes and Scenarios, generally leads to the erection of information tables in different designs and levels of equipment. Everyone knows these mediums, ranging from themed hiking trails, tourist guidance systems, or as object signposting.

Often enough a spatial reference should be established between an object and an explanation, but this is rarely the case, because either longwinded text must be used to trace the facts, or graphical sketches are used to sum up reality. The separation of the information levels, and the balancing of reality and fiction cannot be avoided using conventional mediums, and makes the intended imparting of information often difficult or even impossible for laymen.

If it were possible to "draw" directly onto objects, this dilemma would be avoided. With this instrument, you can view an object through an explanatory mask. The optical-mechanical trick focuses the attention of the viewer not only on the specific object, rather also on the desired explanation. Both levels are super-imposable and overlap one-another. The exchange of information is carried out in a "contactless" way.

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